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New Student INTRO Offer 30 days $40
New Student “Drop-In” $10
Children’s “Drop-In” $10
Single Class “Drop-In” $15
5 Class Pass $65
10 Class Pass $125
1 Month Unlimited $95
Monthly Unlimited Auto Pay $85

classes ranging from

beginner to advanced

Embarking on your yoga journey can lead you from the nerves of your first class to the postures you only dreamed of doing. Our class schedule here at Mantra has a class for every BODY and every level of ability.

* Beginner classes start with essential poses and breathing techniques, building a foundation that prepares them for more challenging styles.

* Vinyasa flow introduces a rhythmic connection between breath and movement, while emPower flow adds intensity for strength.

* Kundalini yoga awakens inner energy through unique postures and chants.

* Restorative yoga offers deep relaxation with supportive props and poses.

* Ashtanga provides a rigorous, structured sequence for those seeking discipline.

Together, these varied styles offer a comprehensive path for personal growth in yoga, from the first stretch to the peak of practice. Your mat is your sacred space and we look forward to you sharing your practice with us soon.

let’s meet our

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Erin Says…

“The community built at Mantra is incredibly kind and accepting. As someone brand new to yoga, I felt very welcomed into the space from the first time I came in. I’ve gone to a class by almost every instructor now, and I have enjoyed each and every one of them.”

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